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Business Overview
VentureSpring, LLC specializes in guiding its client companies through business disruptions ranging from surviving a cash crisis to identifying and pursuing transformative growth opportunities. Such critical periods require clear strategies, targets and reporting to retain the support of key stakeholders until revitalization initiatives take hold. Our team develops insightful analytics, guides strategy development and provides the financial and operational leadership to revitalize middle market companies striving to reach their full potential.

Service Offerings

A typical engagement may include one or more of the following service offerings.
Business plan development and implementation We have successfully led the strategic and business planning process for nascent ventures, Fortune 500 enterprises, and everything in between.
Managing merger and acquisition initiatives
From defining the attributes of an appropriate target through managing post acquisition integration, we have led M&A initiatives at every step of the value chain.
Operational and financial due diligence
Rather than simply uncovering potential problems, we present solutions, identify synergies and quickly determine if a zone of agreement exists between buyers and sellers.
Capital sourcing
Investors and lenders value VentureSpring's ability to clearly articulate a path to financial stability and growth.
Operational improvement
Whether fighting for survival as a Chief Restructuring Officer, or simply providing insights to make a good company great, VentureSpring has the skills and experience to find the opportunities in any situation.
Enterprise improvement and sale
By setting a company on the proper trajectory and by articulating an achievable growth plan, we maximize the pool of potential buyers and improve their ability to secure financing.
Litigation consulting
VentureSpring has been retained to testify on issues of valuation and damages. Our ability to aggregate disparate information into a clear, logical economic analysis has resulted in favorable client judgments.
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